Cards of Desire

The Cards of Desire are a deck of 54 cards that appear blank, but once a person flips one over it reveals an image that shows what their inner desire is. Once a card of desire has been used by a person they will never reveal for that person again.

Once all 54 cards are used they will all clear when passed on to a new person. Even after this passing of the cards a person who had been read by the cards in the past will never be able to use them again.

Revealed Cards

  1. Sylja: An image of a male and female elf who were separated from a young elf, but are being reunited as the barrier unravels.
  2. Aureliana: An image of a human wizard standing in front of a tall White Tower that is standing on rolling hills of green.
  3. Karavox: An image of a figure robed in yellow standing atop a broken stone snake. The figures eyes are an unusually dark shade of black. The figure seems to glow with ancient power.

3 of 54 cards have been used.

Cards of Desire

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