Amulet of Wellbeing

This small pendant has a red stone with a white cross shape in the middle of the gold pendant. Wearing this just seems to make one feel healthier, and a bit more full of vigor.


Cure Wounds (1 charge): Allows the wearer of the amulet to cast the spell Cure Wounds. It consumes one charge from the amulet.

Armor Bonus: Grants +1 AC to the wearer.

Damage Immunity: Wearer gains immunity to being poisoned. Poison damage is unchanged.


The amulet holds one charge that refreshes every long rest. This item is special in that a user may overcharge the amulet and cast Cure Wounds an extra time before taking a long rest, but the force exuded on the amulet will instantly destroy it.

Amulet of Wellbeing

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