Island of Khora

Story So Far

Our adventures meet aboard a ship bringing them to the Island of Khora. This island has been rocked by unusual tremors of late and much of it’s citizens have fled. The King’s Guard of Neverwinter has put up an open call for adventures to investigate this strange happening. For various reasons our crew has taken up the call.

As the ship neared Khora the crew ran aground due to the lighthouse outside the city of Breen being uncharacteristically dark. Though they ship was lost the captain and much of the crew escaped with the adventurers and headed to the bay outside of Breen. The next surprise was that the city of Breen itself was on fire. Burning through the night.

After docking their boats the adventurers decided to make their way to the lighthouse to see if they could find out why it had gone dark. After a brief encounter with some cultists talking about the Great Old One our heroes found some daggers with snakes on the handles and a few emblems with a snake symbol on them.

From their vantage point up by the lighthouse our heroes could now see in the morning light that the majority of Breen was gone, and a large hole was all that was left behind. The hole was nearly two miles across. With the largest city on the island gone, and no way home our crew decided to try journeying towards a fishing village on the west of the island, looking for any hope of a sea worthy vessel.

On the road to the fishing village our crew felt a tremor roll past them, in the aftermath Awakened Trees, Vine Blights, and even an Animated Chain had become magically animated and started attacking the crew. During the battle the animated nature slowly lost animation and fell back to inanimate.

After coming to a crossroads leading to the fishing village, or Guardian’s Post, a previous military outpost, the crew of the ship deferred to the heroes to decide which direction they should travel. The consensus was to head to Guardian’s Post.

Another shock lay in front of the band of travelers as they caught site of the post. The giant statue of a soldier in a defensive pose holding a spear was instead replaced by what looked like a giant statue of a soldier who had just thrown an object, and a giant glinting metal spear was embedded through the walls of the post, taking out a portion of the compound.

Our heroes rushed to the town and found themselves among a clean up and rescue crew. Some of our heroes chose to help villagers while two others took up the task of interrogating two Cultists captured on the scene after the attack on the post.

The two helping the citizens found themselves among new trinkets. A protective amulet and a strange deck of cards, one showing an elf reunited with their parents, the rest appeared blank.

Karavox also relayed visions of a white tower among a field of green. Strange tentacles pulling it down into the earth, leaving behind a hole with two eyes peering out.

That is the story thus far.


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