Victor Von Fritz

A wizard in over his head


A rock gnome wizard, Victor stands about 3’ 7" and looks to be in his late 30s. He had brown disheveled hair and deep blue eyes. He carries a clockwork staff that has a bronze mechanical roosters head on top. A few small buttons along the staff control actions from the rooster head.

He speaks with an air of authority, but also slips into mild eccentricity. His workshop is filled with half-finished gizmos and clockwork creations.


Victor is the wizard behind the creation of the creature. After experimenting to try and create an artificially animated mechanical heart for an automaton he tapped into magic from an idol he had found upon the island. It exuded a very ancient, but powerful, magic.

Channeling magic from the idol he succeeded in creating his heart, but the strength of the animation started to grow exponentially as the heart started to beat. It began to animate and consume objects, growing larger and consuming more. The creature escaped the lab and started consuming ruins, buildings, and in the case of Breen, a whole city.

Since the escape Victor has been working feverishly on a way to deactivate and destroy the heart of the creature. He finally has a small handheld device that, if attached to the heart can destroy it, and the creature with it.

He is currently living in a lab he setup in the White Tower to create the device.

Victor Von Fritz

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