Sylja Tathval

A timid elven ranger from the woods.


Sylja is a young, even for elven standards, only fifteen years of age. Standing a mere 5" tall, she wears her long blonde hair in a braided “crown” that circles her head and her bright green eyes are always studying her surroundings. She has a thin, slender form and utilizes surprising skill and dexterity with a longbow for someone her age thanks to her elven weapon training.


An observer who was sent out into the world as a part of her education, she has been tasked with learning about other cultures through direct experience. It’s unlikely, however, the adventure she would embark upon by chance was what she or her mentor had in mind. Though she wouldn’t admit it to her traveling companions, who seem much more seasoned, she is afraid of the things she’s seen since her journey began. Images of Breen’s destruction haunt her thoughts, and the look of anguish on the faces of those in the post are vivid in her memory. She wonders to herself if this is what she was sent to learn about…

Sylja Tathval

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