A high-born elf who seems to be connected with the cultists.


A high-born elf who is incredibly beautiful, and appears to be very frail. Her eyes, normally very soft and alluring, can turn cold and uncaring in an instant. Her black hair is cropped around the base of her head, accentuating her ears and facial structure. She wears intricate robes with a large cowl to keep her face hidden.

Her voice is high and slightly melodic. She weaves this into her spells of charm and manipulation.


An elf noble that was previously living in the city of Breen before it’s destruction had sold an ancient magical idol to Victor Von Fink for use in his experiment. It seems she understood the end that would befall this endeavor.

She has also been sought after by Captain Thorn in The Guardian’s Post, but she has only been stringing him along, it would seem. When questioned she said that her and Thorn were nothing.


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