Island of Khora

Visions of a White Tower

After a night bunked in the guard barracks the group was mulling over some new found magical items. Sylja had been given the Cards of Desire by an old dwarven woman after saving her life. Kineth had been given an Amulet of Wellbeing from a man after rescuing his family from a crumbling building.

Karavox decided to look around for the old dwarven woman, hearing that she had also mentioned the King in Yellow. While he was doing this Aureliana had taken one of Sylja‘s Cards of Desire. After seeing the image of a female human wizard standing in front of a large White Tower that is standing on rolling hills of green she was determined to find out more. She headed to The Wise Owl the library and bookstore in Guardian’s Post to try and dig up more information on this tower.

Ending up there at the same time as Karavox she finds out the White Tower is located not too far north of the post, but has often been thought to be cursed, and people seldom ever visit it anymore. Karavox finds himself a new book that he overpays quite a bit for.

After regrouping the party ends up in front of Captain Thorn and lets him know their intent to leave. With a surprisingly leveraged amount of charisma from Sylja it is divulged that Thorn is looking for another elf named Silvia. He says he will repay you if you can help her find her way back to him.

Preparing to journey out our heroes stop at General Goods and met Cat and Pup, the businesses owners. They purchased supplies for the trip and even were told that there is a reward if they can retrieve an item stolen from the shop, the Cloak Of Invisibility. Aureliana also resists the urge to purchase a magical dagger that had been mixed in with the other mundane daggers, instead telling the shopkeep of the mistake and losing out on the item.

The party then went and grabbed some horses, getting ready to venture out to the White Tower.



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