Island of Khora

The Belly of The Beast

After reaching the rolling hills of emerald green grass and spying the White Tower, our heroes begin the final leg of the journey to understand why this tower is so important.

After about half-a-days travel across the plains Karavox and Sylja both spy a figure moving in the treeline in the far distance behind them. After they rest for the night, during a late watch, Sylja sees signs of a fire that may be hidden behind one of the hills of the plains. She stirs Karavox to see if he can confirm her suspicions. He looks through his Temperature Monocle and sees a slight heat signature rising above a distant hill, sure signs of a campfire.

In the morning there is no other signs of their pursers so during the day they continue the journey, keeping ever vigilant for anyone following behind but can see no other pursuers.

After finally arriving at the White Tower they find it is made out of a white stone unlike anything they’ve seen so far on this island. They also, after walking around the tower can see no entrance on the ground level. The outside is a perfectly crafted smooth surface all the way around.

After being stumped by what to do, and making some noises a face is briefly seen poking out of a narrow window at the top of the tower, shortly after the party is all magically transported into a large glass cube holding cell inside what looks like a very expansive workshop.

A small gnome carrying a staff that is capped with a clockwork rooster head comes out and starts to interrogate his new prisoners about their motive. During his questioning he relays that the thing creating the tremors that have been plaguing Khora is actually an experiment of his that was infused with an ancient and powerful magic from a Magic Idol he had purchased in Breen.

The magic was used to create a Clockwork Heart that could power automatons. Unfortunately the animating effect of the magic on the heart started to quickly grow and accumulate various stone and metal fragments into itself. Growing larger and large each day. Soon The Creature had escaped his lab before he could destroy it and it eventually destroyed Breen.

This gnome, named Victor Von Fink, had fled to the White Tower to use as a place to work on a method of stopping the creature. He produced a small device from his pocket and told the team that if he could attach this to the heart he could stop the creature.

While this was going on cultists appeared from the shadows and staked a small beacon into the floor and started shielding it with magic. Another hooded cultist came out and started to speak to Victor in a high, feminine, voice.

After her face was revealed, the face of a high-born elf, she revealed herself to be Silvia, the elf that Thorn had asked you to keep an eye out for. She also was the person that sold the Magic Idol to Victor that infused his clockwork heart with such powerful magic.

Questioning from the team revealed that Thorn was merely being led on by Silvia and means nothing to her. During the exchange Victor quickly transported the team out of the glass box and in front of himself as protection. Silvia tried to charm Karavox, obviously picking the worst target for seduction, and after the botched attempt it is already too late.

As the tower rumbles Victor pulls himself and all the party members into the glass box to protect them from damage. Silvia disappears into the shadows, and soon the rumbling and sound culminate and darkness envelops the room. Everything goes black.

After the rumbling subsides our heroes are left in the glass box, a bit shaken but still protected. Victor hits an escape hatch and blows a path out of the rubble. Our heroes walk out to find themselves facing the green rolling hills again, but looking out to the horizon see stone walls slopping up to form a huge stone cylinder that they are in. Cracks and holes in the upper walls and ceiling leak in sunlight across the plains.

They have entered the belly of the beast.



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