Island of Khora

A Most Unusual Pair

After saying their final farewells and parting ways with Captain and his crew, who decided to stay in Guardian’s Post to help out, our party heads north towards the White Tower.

After about half of a days travel, as the scattered forest comes closer to the heavily overgrown trail, our heroes see a half-orc come stumbling out of the forest towards the trail. Our band put up a vision to hide their presence and soon saw a gnome stumble out of the forest behind the half-orc.

After trying to fool the gnome with a shadow vision the duo is finally introduced to our group as J and Grant, two members of TAPS (The Amazing Phantasm Society). These phantasm hunters had been on the heels of a phantasm that they had started chasing in Breen about a week ago.

The group had been tracking this phantasm using an EMF Detector that Grant had designed. After some discussion Grant convinced the party to help him and J track down the phantasm who must be close.

After running through the woods a bit Grant tracked the phantasm to the ruins of an old worship site using his Temperature Monocle. After everyone entered the ruined sanctuary Grant pointed out the phantasm in a corner, but only a pair of boots was seen.

Karavox, never being one to leave a helpless pair of boots undestroyed slung some magic towards them. They, and the form that filled them, went flying back into a wall. It was revealed to be a cultist wearing the Cloak Of Invisibility.

The group quickly knocked out the cultist, recovered the cloak, and found a small device that had a crystal on top that pulsed with blue light. After the cultist came to he said it was already too late, and that the Great Old One was coming to consume them, and that they would be born anew.

After no more information is divulged Karavox slit the throat of the cultist, to the slight dismay of some of the group members. After the cloak is recovered the group turns to leave the ruins but a rumble is felt below them. As it intensifies the vines and overgrowth on the temple weave together and block the entrances and upper windows of the sanctuary.

As the tremors intensify, as does the pulsing of the crystal on the device left by the cultist, Arc slings a dagger at the device, shattering it and sending the crystal skidding across the floor. The tremors seem to intensify, then start quickly subsiding, as if something passed right underneath them.

The group finally began to breathe a sigh of relief as a loud squelching noise is heard and a large bronze bull statue within the sanctuary became animated and stepped down off of it’s base.



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