Island of Khora


The Island of Khora is located off of the Sword Coast, almost directly west of the city of Neverwinter. It is at least a day’s sail from any other island.


The Island of Khora has a few different regions containing a few different ecosystems. The south side of the island has a lot of white-sand beaches and a rocky bay entrance to the largest city of Breen.

Just to the north is the Elderpine Forest. This dense forest feels largely untouched except for the few roads cutting through the dense foliage and vines to connect the various settlements across the island. It’s hard to see even 20 feet off of the path because the forest is so dense.

Once you reach the north side of the forest you come to open prairie land and can see a large volcano, Mount Khora. The volcano had erupted decades ago, to this day lava still flows out of the volcano in a slow steady stream. It seems to find its way back into the earth to be recycled later.

The north east portion of the island is covered in a black-sand desert known as the Ash Powder Desert. This mostly unexplored region is prone to strong wind-storms that carry the fine powder of the desert at high speeds. It is a very unpleasant experience.

To the north west are rolling hills covered in fields of emerald grass.

Island of Khora

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