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  • Captain

    Not much is known about the captain. He was one of the few ships near Neverwinter that would take the job ferrying adventurers to Khora. Unfortunately the only crew he could muster was humans, none possessing good night vision.

  • Umbero Agosto

    Not much is known about Umbero, yet. He seems to be able to handle himself with a weapon and works to protect the other crew members, as well as the adventurers he is tasked with escorting.

  • Captain Thorn

    Not much is known about Thorn except that he is the commander of the guards in Guardian's Post and that, despite his race, he has risen to a post of some prestige. You suspect his constant look of annoyance is something accumulated over years of being …

  • Pup

    This cat seems to communicate with [[:cat | Cat]], his owner, though it isn't quite obvious if this is true, or if the shopkeep herself is a little strange. He doesn't choose to leave his fluffy pillow on the counter for much other than food, or to …

  • Victor Von Fritz

    Victor is the wizard behind the creation of the creature. After experimenting to try and create an artificially animated mechanical heart for an automaton he tapped into magic from an idol he had found upon the island. It exuded a very ancient, but …