Tag: female


  • Jojo

    Jojo is one of the younger members of the ships crew. In her mid 20s she accepted the spot on the crew to seek out adventure. She knows her way around a scimitar and works watch duty. Not too much else is known about her.

  • Kashan

    Kashan seems to be a straight shooter looking to impress her commander [[:thorn | Thorn]]. After news of the destruction of [[Breen]] Kashan takes over command duty for [[:thorn | Thorn]].

  • Sylja Tathval

    An observer who was sent out into the world as a part of her education, she has been tasked with learning about other cultures through direct experience. It's unlikely, however, the adventure she would embark upon by chance was what she or her mentor had …

  • Cat

    She had gained the store after her father had passed, leaving her with the family business. Not too much is known about her except that she seems to have the ability to communicate with her cat companion and had lost a magical [[Cloak of Invisibility]] …

  • Silvia

    An elf noble that was previously living in the city of Breen before it's destruction had sold an ancient magical idol to Victor Von Fink for use in his experiment. It seems she understood the end that would befall this endeavor. She has also been …