Island of Khora

Like China In A Bull Shop

After finding themselves trapped in an old ruin with an animated bull statue a tough battle ensued and ended up seriously wounding Arc and Kineth. With healing magic they will survive.

After enough blows were struck a final hellish rebuke twisted and melted the bull statue after multiple metal plates were knocked loose from it. Grant and J made their way back towards town, but before leaving they gifted our heroes with a Temperature Monocle for their travels.

After finding themselves free of the ruins they slept the night to recover their strength. They talked at length about why they came here and how they keep going in a world that seems to be filled with death and destruction.

At last, during travel next morning they crested a hill to find rolling hills covered in emerald green grass. In the distance a single stark white streak cut through the horizon line. The White Tower was close at hand.



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